The Multilogue

The Multilogue

Monologues and dialogues between Anthony Colangelo & Olivier Lacan about technology, open source software, web development, programming, design, and basically anything that's bugging either of them this week.

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    v0.0.8 - The Open Loophole

    We talk about the challenges of net neutrality, the definition of lawful content, the importance of encryption-enforced privacy, and the unlikely champion of reason and individual rights.

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    v0.0.7 - General Porpoise

    We talk about inconsistent, disappointing and sometimes positively surprising tools.

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    v0.0.5 - Giving a Shit

    We talk about giving a shit about people through attention to details and wonder why it's such a tough sell.

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    v0.0.4 - Zero-sum Mentality

    We talk about zero-sum mentality or the perceived lack of uniqueness that makes people hold off from sharing their thoughts and ideas with the world.

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    v0.0.3 - No Idea What I'm Doing

    We talk about how it's okay to have no idea what you're doing and the important differences between raw knowledge and the ability to acquire it.

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    v0.0.2 - Control

    We talk about unplugging, control, discipline, and fighting noise. Then we take a little detour through bad "science".

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    v0.0.1 - Cross-pollination

    We talk about Apple finally adopting adaptive & responsive design and riff on the paradox of choice, the impact of Swift of programming education and "web vs. native" being the wrong outlook.

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